PlantForever plants trees. Seems simple right? However, what if we said PlantForever improves lives? Actually, PlantForever works to enhance over 7.6 billion lives, not considering the billions of other animals and species! From reduced quantities of harmful gases in our atmosphere; increase in oxygen; boost of biodiversity and sustainable ecosystems; declination of global temperatures; to having a more appealing backyard, plantation of trees elevates everyone’s lives!

All for free, we negotiate with customers to plant trees. Together, we decide on the type of tree wanted and the date and timing of the plantation. Volunteers then go to the desired planting locations, often backyards and business locations, to plant these trees. Once arrived at the location, we clear any debris on the surface of the customer’s desired planting location. Then, we dig a hole and plant the tree inside before filling with soil and providing water.

Why PlantForever plants trees

Global Warming

Global warming is the universal increase in temperatures, which occurs when heat from the sun becomes trapped in the atmosphere due to the growth in emissions of greenhouse gases. This boost of heat leads to melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and increasing infectious disease outbreaks. These greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, are being emitted from millions of pollutants every day. In order to clean up over 41.5 BILLION tons of CO2 discharged into the atmosphere annually, the optimum solution is to plant more vegetation. Trees themselves are responsible for absorbing over 18 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. By planting more, PlantForever weakens the severe effects of global warming.


Previous to the industrial revolution (1760) the total area of the earth covered in forests was 5.9 billion hectares (59 million km²). Now, that area has drastically been reduced to 4 billion hectares (40 million km²) primarily due to deforestation. Deforestation is the process of cutting or clearing trees around the globe. The central reason for its occurrence is human activities. Such include, illegal and unsustainable logging, urbanization, palm oil production, and charcoal production. PlantForever directly combats deforestation by planting and growing an abundance of trees. As trees are cut down, PlantForever aims to plant just as many back!


PlantForever also plants trees in order to sustain biodiversity. In the last one to two hundred years, biodiversity has decreased exponentially due to expansion, habitat destruction, heightening of pollution, and overutilization of resources. With around 200 different species becoming extinct every day, this is a critical issue to address. Lessening of biodiversity can lead to a decrease in ecosystem functioning and the number of available resources, such as medicine. As over 1,000 different species can exist in merely one square kilometer of forest, it is vital to plant more trees. PlantForever plants a variety of trees, in different locations, to provide homes to numerous species.