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Meet Our Team

Marmik Patel — President

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Marmik founded PlantForever in 2017 to develop urban forests through tree planting—an effort to mitigate the climate crisis. He manages the organization, overseeing the executive team and providing a vision for PlantForever.

Nathaniel Perumal — VP Operations (Edmonton)

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Nathaniel started off as a volunteer for PlantForever back in 2018 helping to plant trees across Edmonton. Now at 21 years of age, this young environmentalist continues to make strides in his pursuit to help preserve the environment. By managing the events he once helped with, Nathaniel is an integral part of the team. He conducts all of the tree operations for PlantForever, coordinating with both homeowners and volunteers to achieve the goal of mitigating the climate crisis.

Emeka Ozoh — VP Operations (Saskatoon)

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Emeka started volunteering for PlantForever in July 2022. He has several years of management experience spanning different sectors. Also, he is currently an MBA student at the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan. Emeka is passionate about saving the planet and is excited to contribute to that effort through PlantForever.

Sheryn Baldas — Marketing Manager

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Sheryn Baldas began volunteering during the summer of 2023 as an Operations Manager, but has since transitioned into our Marketing Management role. She is currently studying at the University of Alberta, majoring in Design for Business/Marketing. With a passion for environmental stewardship and conservation, Sheryn aims to develop innovative solutions and strategies in order to expand PlantForever's reach to homeowners in the Edmonton community.

Kevin Ang — VP Finance

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Kevin is an international student from Indonesia. He is 18 years old and he's going to UofA Business school, majoring in finance. He has had a passion in finance since he was in middle school. He has chosen to join PlantForever because he wants to make an impact in the world, especially with the climate crisis as lots of recent disasters have been caused by it.

Parshva Shah — VP Internal

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Parshva Shah started volunteering for PlantForever during the summer of 2021 where he helped with tree transplantation. He is now Vice President Internal and is responsible for developing organizational culture, brand, hiring and internal communication. You can catch Parshva travelling, dancing or coding outside of PlantForever.

Harry Mahant — Operation Manager (Edmonton)

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Harry is a dedicated advocate for environmental sustainability and positive social change. With two years of experience working with a nonprofit that assisted people with disabilities in finding employment, he has always been passionate about making a difference. Joining PlantForever allows him to contribute to combating climate change and promoting a greener future. He is excited to be part of this mission and help make a lasting impact through planting trees and protecting our planet.

Harman Kaur — Operation Manager (Saskatoon)

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Harman joined PlantForever in 2024 as an operation manager. With several years of management experience, she now works in a financial sector. She is passionate about protecting the planet, and utilizes PlantForever as a platform to contribute towards environmental sustainability. She really enjoys reading and exploring the nature.

Coco Liliace — Web Developer

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Coco joined PlantForever in 2019 to help develop urban forests. With a passion for web development, Coco works on modernizing the ways people can interact with, learn from, and contribute to PlantForever.